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17 July 2015 @ 10:48 pm
Honestly, I expected more of the summer drama list. (I'm amazed there's no Arashi this season, must be busy with Blast at Miyagi)

When another Death Note remake is at the top of the list, there must be something wrong. It's not that aren't good dramas, just I don't feel like watching them.

So at the top of the list we have Death Note, which had good ratings and reviews so far.
Guess it's gonna be like Yamanade, where you have to take each installment (original manga, drama and anime and movie) by themselves and avoid comparisons.
Still I'm sad there won't be (physical) Mello in this adaptation. I was thining there wouldn't be anybody so badass and then I stumbled over twitter with a Ueda manip and then I went all YESSSSSSS.
Where's the fanart and the fanfics?

[About Kubota Masataka]About Kubota Masataka, he has been most of the time as side characters and stealing the scene.
He surpassed Yamapi on Summer Nude, and even in Algernon was great.

He was brilliant in Hanako to Anne (totally rooted for AsaichixHanako!), he was in Ooku,
N no Tame ni had good reviews and has been in movies (like Kanojo wa Uso Wo Aishisugiteru as a commercial example but he has been in more serious films too)

And can do crazy (remember him in JOKER? eps 4-5 if you wanna catch up) I don't think it's gonna be a trouble for him to cover the range needed for a character as Yagami Light.

He pwned Nishikido at Wall Climb last year in Kansha All Star (I understand if you missed it, that was a 4GB monster file) and nobody saw that coming, Errybody thought Ryo won the challenge until he went in and kicked Ryo's ass and he wasn't even smug about it, really humble.

He was in Meringue no Kimochi a couple weeks ago and he was rly cute and shy, even talking in a small voice. He joined the shy troupe with Shige (actually watched that show for Shige, ahem) claiming he went once to a Cabaret with his (agency I suppose) senpais and he spent the time at the toilet cos he didn't know what to talk about with the girls.

And showed off his ability for (how do you call that thing in the pic?) and apologized to Shige when well, he showed he isn't that great at it.

About his type, he said he liked the girls who laughed a lot and gave their best, so this rumour about him dating Tabe-chan might give him extra points since he seemed a great guy. XD
Seems he went to Oshareism this week, I need to get that file.

So what's left in the drama barrel? Also let me tell you I'm making this list with the Brat's input too. XD

Koinaka. Fukushi Sota has made it to getsu9. After some romantic roles, he's leading a drama with Honda Tsubasa (who was too old for Aoharu ride movie but I digress) about a timid, indecisive man who dislikes summer and soon is reunited with a highschool crush.
Actually I'm in it for the cast: Nomura Shuhei, Ohara Sakurako, Yamamoto Mizuki and even Babazono-san is there!

HEAT: Because it has firefighters and the cast. Akira (GTO) gets into a volunteer fire brigade to snoop info about the owners of land he wants to acquire for a development project, but when he gets to know them, might waver about his decision. The Brat picked this one, probably hoping it will be less angsty than Rescue. XD Cast: AKIRA, Kuriyama Chiaki, Sato Ryuta, Tanaka Kei, Nanao, Inagaki Goro.

The Last Cop, with Kubota Masataka (yes, again) and Karasawa Toshiaki, about a detective who spent the last 30 years in coma and when he awakes, has to get used to this modern age. The Brat approved.

Tantei no Tantei, with Kitagawa Keiko, Kawaguchi Haruna, and Miura Arata. A detective trying to solve her sister's murder by a stalker and searches revenge.

Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! Yuu Shirota dircting a High School choir? I'm in.

Maybe List:

Hotel Concierge , About a Hotel staff with Nishiuchi Mariya, Miura Shohei, Omi Toshinori, Natsuna, Koseki Yuta, Yamada Yuki and reviving Takeda Kohei. XD
Hondana Shokudo 2. I don't even know if there were links at Nyaa for this because if it's getting a second season it shouldn't have been so bad. Mangakas who pour into food books and manga trying to cope with deadline stress. Or something like that. With Nakamura Aoi and Emoto Tokio.

Shimeshi. It's a food drama, hence the Brat got interested in it, but I find the premise plain. a restaurant that only serves one customer a day serving the perfect dish. It has Hayashi kento and Tabaka Tomoko is a guest star in the first episodes, I suppose.

Risk no Kamisama, with Toda Erika, Morita Go and Tsutsumi Shinichi, about a legendary risk management specialist. This screams Hanzawa Naoki to me.

Onna Michi: Katase Nana (SHUIICHI) who is currently living a low down ion her life, gets a visite from her future self wanting to make a start fresh on life to not end like her future self. Maybe if it gets subbed and it's short.

Keiji 7-nin. I mean it has Higashiyama-sama as an eccentric detective assigned to the Twelfth Section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division, where all the old and odd detectives are sent when they can't be fired.
Higashiyama Noriyuki, Takashima Masahiro, Kataoka Ainosuke, Suzuki Kosuke, Kurashina Kana, Yoshida Kotaro, Kitaoji Kinya.

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san. A high schooler who likes ramen a lot.

NOPE list:

Didn't watch Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai's first season, hereby I'm not watching Season 2

37.5°C no Namida. No time for this. A caretaker of sick kids, learning about their families and situations.This can't be saved by Narimiya Hiroki, Mokomichi or Fujiki Naohito.

Tamiou. With Endo Kenichi and Suda Masaki playing Freaky Friday among the Prime Minister and his son.

Age Harassment with Takei Emi as the youngest of the office harrased by the OL obaasans. Sorry, I don't need more office drama.with Seto Koji, Kaname Jun and Koizumi Kotaro.

Akagi, with blond haired Hongo Kanata about a mahjong player, manga adaptation.

Another manga adaptation: Dokonjo Gaeru, with Matsuyama Kenichi, Mitsushima Hikari (as the frog's voice), Maeda Atsuko. 16 years after Hiroshi tumbled in a park and crushed a frog and it became attached to his shirt, they live together, quarrel and help each other. Seems like the Grown up Doraemon CMs.I admit I only got it because when I rewatched Akihabara@DEEP, Daruma cosplayed Hiroshi. XD;

The interesting thing about why we have so many recurring names in one season (Like Kubota Masataka, he was in a mid season SP, just finished Algernon last season and is currently in Dead Note and Last Cop) is that despite "premier" channels like WOW WOW etc. (how it will be with Netflix launching in Japan?), actors don't win a lot, so they get as many gigs as they can, including CMS. And is interesting how Abe Hiroshi hasn't even been for a while on Tv but he has enough power score only by some movies and CMS. All of this according this jdramas post. On the other hand, All hail Hina for all his CMs and being on TV all week in Kanto.

Anime? After the Brat dragged me to watch the Freezer movie, I'm gonna watch Dragon Ball Super. Because for me Dragon Ball >>>>>>> Sailor Moon.
Let's ignore that after years of dubbing, I realized Goku never changed his voice.
And I still love Gohan. I like them smart, what can I say.
I need to catch up with Ore Monogatari!! and check up Junjou Romantica 3. XD
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15 April 2015 @ 06:53 pm
The time for polls has already passed, so more than a total release drama list I'm gonna make a list of what I'll be watching.
Summaries at the always trusty jdramas site.

1. DoS Deka. You really were doubting that I would watch it?
I can assure Tacchon's comedic time has gotten better and for this drama he's gonna get back all the Baka's he threw around for the Clover movie. XD;;
And yes I ship all the KuraTabe. Over 12 points of rating for the first episode! Actually anything above 10 is good. I was expecting something more rock-ish for the Eito ending but oh well.

2. Youkoso, Wagaya E. Apparently this time Aiba got a good scriptwriter since we know sometimes he isn't that spectacular at acting. Let's ignore he got the usual role. XD;

3. I'm home. Kimutaku, don't disappoint me. I skipped Hero last time. and still can't believe Ueto Aya is pregnant!

3. Algernon ni Hanabata wo. I'm not passing the chance to have my seasonal Yamapi haterade. I'm watching for everybody but him. So far as Ep 1 goes, Nakai was better as Ataru, with the same co-star.

4. Ishitachi no Renai Jijou. I'm under the impression I'm watching Grey's Anatomy but oh well, it's Takumi-chin. I feel old cos it was like yesterday when he did Boys Love. ;___;

5. Dr. Rintaro. Sakai Masato <3. It better be good or goes to the other list.

EDIT: Somehow I forgot Sato Takeru's Tenno no Ryoriban, where he cut his glorious hair after years of crazy hair. A period chef drama by the Gochisousan writer? Totally watching this! It also has Kiritani Kenta, Suzuki Ryohei and Kuroki Haru (One of the sisters from Hanako to Anne, the one who won't be in Mare. As a side note she even has a Berlinale's Silver Bear Award!)

"Probably won't have that much time but sounds intriging" list.

6. Love riron. Kataoka Ainosuke as a love advisor. You only need to know that. Probably it will be bizarre and a bit out of the top, but it's Ainosuke-san.

7. Mare. I'm behind on Asadoras, I'm gonna tackle Massan after finishing Hanako to Anne but. Yamazaki Kento. And cakes.


9. Kokoro ga pokkito ne. Sounds like a total mess plotwise (seems like a total pairing shuffle) but it has Fujiki Naohito (but we know he's typecasted a lot) and glorious Yamaguchi Tomoko. If you don't know who's her, do yourself a favour and watch Long Vacation with her and Kimutaku. Abe Sadao and Mizuhara Kiko are great.

10. Renai Jidai. Seems interesting and Matsushima Hikari's otouto is cute.

11. Yami no Banshosa. Lots of intrige for this one. Too sad Matsushita Nao is a bit forgotten now after her Asadora prime. But give me mangakas and mistery in a plot an I'm all yours.

The NOPE list

12. I might give a chance to Takaku! Shoten Girl because it's a bookstore drama and the co stars, but I can't stand AKB girls.

13. Even when I don't dislike that much, I'm not watching Oshima Yuko in Yamegoku. Sorry, Kitamura Kazuki.

14. I don't have time for Okada Masaki on Fuben na benriya.

How many dramas have made Gouriki Ayame with Watabe Atsuro?

15. Mother Game. Interesting cast but I'm not for women battle dramas this season. I have enough IRL.

16. Bijo to Danshi. Nakama Yukie was amazing in Hanako to Anne. But I'm not interested in this one. The AKB rules goes to the EXILE guys too (exception: GTO), so nope to Wild whatever.

Let's see what this season will bring!
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I know I fail so much, because I never got to post my Autumn Drama draft and we're already in Winter season.

I had a mid season draft for autumn dramas, so let's revisit the outcome.
No screencaps, sorry.

Disclaimer: this txt file was written in October 20, I'll bold my final comments about such picks.

Of course I'm liking Nube and Gomen ne seishun. I don't have time to gush about them but I'm happy.
Let's not talk much about the trainwreck the last Kanjani single [I was talking about CloveR in it's leprechaun glory] is but the album is certainly promising (a RIP SLYME member and  Nagase Tomoya writing songs for them? I'm so there!)
I was planning to not buy more Eito stuff but maybe the Nube single will be my last.
All the haters can say whatever they want about the catchyness and easy way out of Gamushara but it's a positive encouraging song perfect for Maru and despite Ryo creeping in the students, filming half the PV in ONE take gives it extra points.
I only hope they won't ruin being fabulous the next single. AND THEN SUBARU RELEASED THE MISONO UNIVERSE SINGLE AS A SOLO DEBUT, FML.
As it's gonna be NEWS & KAT-TUN season, I hope they let our wallets rest a bit after it.

1. What I like of Nube is that it respects the fantasy element and it doesn't look that cheap (yes, probably special emphasis in THAT CHEAP. Remember, I like tokusatsu, so for the regular viewer, it's totally camp).
And certainly only Maru could do that (sorry, Yamapi, you would NEVER >D).
I'm happy Nube's first episode got higher ranking than Gomen ne Seishun, it'll boost Maru's popularity (there are goods! Oni hands!)
As I never read the Nube manga nor seen the anime I can't be offended so I liked it. XD
Sadly, the subs are half way through so I haven't finished it and personally I'm a chickenshit to watch it at night cos the yokai are gross. At least to me. XD;;

2.On the other hand Gomen ne seishun is great. Amazing. The lower than expected ranking it's because he's against Okada Jesus in the timeslot and errybody (over there) likes Gunshi Kanbee. Also seems that Tetsuwan Dash was in that time slot so it was practically impossible to beat the ratings.
What makes it fabulous:
All the gushingCollapse )
3. If you want to see me screaming (outloud, IRL) at my desk, is with Kyou wa kaisha yasumimasu. Yes, probably a mary sue but being a lame OL without romantic prospects it sings to my cheesy heart. I want an officce full of ikemen too, please.
And Junno is so damn obnoxious and so good looking in his suit I wanna climb him. There, I said it.
Sadly, it's another drama with only half season subbed and seems that by the end the drama flopped a bit and people blamed it on Fukushi Sota and Ayase's role.

4. I do like Kamen Rider Drive too. At least I like it more than the Fruity Riders. I'm not against the car thing and even when there are bits of W (detectives and loss of the partner), Den-O (the cars' sounds) and Kabuto (the enemies remind me of Worms), it's interesting, let's see how it unfolds. Fail on my part, didn't have time to keep watching, so this are my impressions of first episode only.

5. Massan is lovely. Heiwa fansubs have picked it up, so I hope you'll give it a chance. (Yes, you should!)
It's quite refreshing in a japanese drama having a male character so in love with his wife and being demonstrative. And Charlotte Fox is doing a great job too. Did you see them at Kouhaku? Their chemistry even for promos are amazing!!

- Sorry but I'm watching First Class 2 after december 6th. I'm kinda interested in N no Tame Ni and Subete ga F ni Naru but I'm suspending drama watching until december. OK, this didn't happen.
But I'm still watching a couple episodes if First Class 2 cos one of Remie's crazy sisters is the utter fabulous Mitz Mangrove <3


NOTES: Basically what fucked over the drama season was D-Addicts closing the torrents section so many subbers got discouraged aside holiday season, so hopefully with alternate uploaders and a revamping of the forum, Winter season will be easier to follow.

Winter Season list: Remember, summaries at jdramas.wordpress.com
[Small list]
* I intend to keep up with Hanako to Anne and Massan and watch the Gochisousan spin off.

* OUROBOROS. I'm here for Toma, cos I've missed Oguri's last 2 dramas, even when they have been supposedly really successful.
* Date: We'll se if Anne's momentum after Gochisousan is here to stay and how the audience will answer to a drama about a career women interested in marriege because it's a box to tick off her to-do list.
* Marumaru tsuma: Shibasaki Kou and Higashiyama-sama? Even when I don't like her, this mystery about what's behind the "perfect wife" sounds interesting (my bet is on automata wife).
* Mondai no Aru Restaurant: I'm watching the first episode if it interests me. Basically I'm gonna check the ratings cos of course there will be comparisons between Anne and Higashide's dramas. Maki Yoko is the lead actress.
* Keibuho Sugiyama Shintaro. Tanihara Shosuke is a weakness of mine, now give me a detective who can be domestic and I'm sold.
* I already watched Oniichan, Gacha. It's basically your seasonal parade of Johnny's Jrs. I'm amazed at the budget to make this fantasy story happen, it's almost surreal. It gave me Angelic Layer vibes with the soaking gacha/tamago thing.

If I'm really not busy I plan to watch:
* Ryuusei wagon. Nishijima Hidetoshi gets a chance to go back in time to certain moments in his life to modify his future life and avoid being abandoned by his wife and son. Or something. With the super special Mozu combi.
* I'll give a chance to Kame's drama but 1. I hate Fukakyon 2. Kame's character seems out of Kimi wa petto.

Bottom of the barrel: they have nice buzz but I don't have time for this.
* Gakkou no kaidan. All the cool kids will be there (Kamiki, Mamiya Shotaro and probably all the teens of the year).
* Zannen na Otto. I like Tamaki Hiroshi and Kurashina Kana but IDK.
* Believe it or not, I'm not interested in Ghost writer.

+ Of course there are SPs like Nino's Orient Express whatever, Sho's chef SP (only watching for Shige) and I even want to watch the one with Imouto (Tegoshi's GF from Itte Q and seems it has Shirota in it but her dramas get barely uploaded. :P)
+ Mabo will have an Edo SP (yes, again),  Oedo Sousamou, if you wanna track it.
+ Hanamoyu will be undoubtedly subbed because it's an Inoue Mao drama with more big names but might take a while since it's a long project. Probably if it makes good press and ends successfully, the prize will be the announcement of her wedding with Matsujun. XDD

So this is my beginning of the year, what are YOU going to watch?
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Basically this drama season is full of remakes and sequels with the usual medical and detective dramas on the side. Seems that scriptwriters doesn't have imagination anymore.
Of course, if you want more objective drama summaries, you can go to jdrama weblog.

[Big biased list]
HERO 2. Probably I need to watch the original. I do have it, but I can't stand Takako Matsu (even when I admit that his version of Let It Go is superb (Me, who doesn't even care about Frozen). And this time NONE of the strong characters from the previous version will be here.
I hope this time Kitagawa Keiko has better chemistry with Kimutaku because they sucked lots in Moon Lovers. Already 2ch is talking about blaming Keiko if the drama flops. Personally I liked Ando Lloy because it was (so) different and the rating were good but not astonishing as at Kimutaku's golden age. He should go in good proyects and become a character actor. The trouble of being so mabushii~.

Wakamonotachi 2014. The Eita and Mitsushima Hikari family drama (you need to watch them in Soredemo, Ikite Yuku). It's a bit sad to see that age has finally reached Tsumabuki Satoshi but I still watch because of the rest of the cast (except Masami, ugh)

Nobunaga no Chef Season 2. More Tama-chan X Shida Mirai + Micchi. I won't miss this one. I'm camping in this drama since it was announced! #tamachanadorado <3

Dousousei ~ Hito wa, Sando, Koi o Suru. ADULT DRAMA. MABO HAVING A RELATIONSHIP. I'M SO THERE. And seems Ebihara Yuri (Anecan's model) is gonna be there too. XD;;

MOZU 2. Of course I have to actually watch the first season. XD; Still I live for Nishijima Hidetoshi Lawson's CM with Takeuchi Yuko.

GTO 2. I told you this season was about sequels. Fuuma fans rejoice. Which reminds me to finish watching Kamen Teacher. XD;;

Suikyuu Yankees. You won't believe me but the I would watch the HSJ waterpolo drama just for the lolz. And apparently Errybody (even Yoko!) will be there.
But if your favorite HSJ guy(<--see? no kid anymore XD) is Yamada (or Arioka), there will be another Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo series.

Again. I would watch just for Fujii Ryusei (wait, he'll be blonde?) but this screams Hallelujah Chance all over again and I dropped that Yamapi drama. >>

Henshin. Kamiki Ryonosuke with a (probaly evil) transplanted brain? Sounds interesting. XD

Seijo. A woman acused of being as serial murder and her lawyer was his former student. There was a promise to meet in the future.
I like Hirosue Ryoko but I don't want to see her in a dark role, like Nakama Yukie in Saki. XD;;

Tokyo Scarlet ~ Keishichou NS Kakari. Mizukawa Asami will be the head of the top female detective squad, just because it's needed a better overseas image. I don't get it. >> Asami-chan, you can do better than this. And I like detective dramas.

Kodoku no Gurume Season 4. If you keep track of this one, it's back.

Zero no Shinjitsu ~ Kansatsui Matsumoto Mao (Medical drama) If you like Takei Emi, there you go. Sasaki Kuranosuke, why the hell are you in this?!?!? T____T

Another doctor drama Last Doctor ~ Kansatsui Akita no Kenshi Houkoku with Aibu Saki, no thanks.

Hirugao ~ Heijitsu Gogo 3-ji no Koibitotachi. Kichise Michiko (that gorgeous tall women from Bloody Monday?) Saito Takumi and Aya Ueto and this looks like a many-some. XD Or at least double infidelity. I might watch just for Takumi-chin. XD; But I have FOUR dramas with him I haven't watched. XD;;

Yoshiwara Uradoshin will be the next jidaigeki drama where Koide Keisuke and Kanijya Shihori run away to Edo.

Asunaro San San Nana Byoushi. A middled aged salary man gets demoted to an University Cheer Squad. Kazapon, I don't think I'll watch this for you because Gouriki Ayame is in this. XD;;

Petero no Souretsu. Starring Koizumi Kotaro (First of all: do YOU Really remember him? he was supposed to be famous, he leaded many dramas in the past decade! Nowadays he only plays the jerk, the pushover, or the soft willed man) In this drama, he's married with the Company President's daughter and suddenly the bus he's riding is hijacked by an ojiisan with a gun. >>
Apparently this one is related with Namonaki Doku, a drama from a previous season.

Kiriyama Renn is back in Sailor Fuku to Uchuujin ~ Chikyuu ni Nokotta Saigo no 11-nin which of course is a midnight drama because this plot is insane. XD;; A spaceship with random humans who where the only earth survivors? >> FUCK My life, Nagaoka Takuya is gonna be in this mess. XD;;

Wasn't there a Yamapi drama? O.o
Did I read wrong on twitter that Koki got a drama role?
I was about to ask about an Arashi drama but forgot about the Pikanchi movie and the inminent Anniversary events.

I'll be forever butthurt cos so far I hasn't seen any comments about my Soccer Team in the japanese soccer shows. D<
Let's ignore we're out of the World Cup now. XD;

In the section "Dramas nobody watches" I must add Platonic and I must say I'm mindblown cos this is more than the title suggest. Won't
spoil you as much but I never thought I'll ever see Domoto Tsuyoshi saying this:

I must confess liked KAT-TUN's album.[Insert flail here]Sorry, I didn't like Chain that much. I quite liked the In Fact single (ignore the wardrobe for the PV) and you can see how the sound of it is pointing the direction of the album. I liked "Black" and "Dangerous" to an extent that makes me wanna get up and dance and that's quite a feat.
In this new album you can see lots of foreign producing and despite going to an almost 90's pop boyband sound that could make them closer to (pre)NEWS style, they show you that without the ones-can't-be-named they can do harmony, have dance tunes, sing in unaccented english, RAP FFS and have lots of SWAG.
I'm in love with the first track cos it's really a catchy tune and loved Junno's solo (which gave me Jon Secada feels XD;). Watch him pokevolve.

I still don't know if I'll be working for 24 Hr TV, but I hope I'll be able to flail online that day. XD;;
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09 March 2014 @ 03:50 pm
It's almost the end of Winter Season but let's check some of them.
Basically this season was full of medical dramas and sick/dying people. XD;

Of course, the important one first: :P

You should watch Gochisousan!!!! Ahem.

Dr. DMAT. Basically in this drama Tacchon will learn to be a man and get over himself or something. Poor Hibiki cries in almost every episode. XD;;
[Tacchon love here]

Personally the beginning was a bit distressing for me. Even with the quasy angst in Umareru, this time Hibiki's personal tragedy strick too close to home for me.
We're so far like in episode 9 and Hibiki's sister hasn't been awaken yet. Maybe she needs to be waken up with a bit forcefully, according to episode 10's preview.
How is it doing in ratings? Not precisely stellar but it could've been worse. I blame Sochi transmisions and apparently in the same day 3 medical dramas are broadcasted in different networks.
How's Tacchon? I can't be that objective when it comes to Tacchon XD;; But I think he's learning and the drama isn't that bad. His first scene in episode 1 got me in tears and he had barely any lines, he's getting better at acting (but you already know I'm a cry baby).

Also, it's so damn unfair how good he looks in just khakis, white shirt and navy sweater. UNFAIR.
Yes, many people are squicked every episode by the blood in every episode, but well it's a drama about an emergency/disaster squad. ^^;;
Kato Ai's acting is bad I wish the DMAT and Gouchisousan filming clashed so at least she would've asked Tacchon for Kansai-ben tips.
So far nobody is subbing but I don' care, I'm watching. XD;; Also I'm surprised that even my japanese teacher is watching it and probably I ruined it for him when I confessed I like Hibiki. XD;;

Boku no ita jikan

We already know who'll die in the end and it's been a tearjerker all season.

It's a nice surprise to have Kazapon in it, and Yuki Jutta has a stellar (XD) brief appearance but if we remember Koizora, we know Miura Haruma is amazing at dying too (as if there was something he can't do). I admit I'm stuck in episode 5 because the sickness it's getting ugly.
On the other hand I can't believe how in this drama we can have bed scenes with Miura Haruma and Tabe Mikako but in Tokio Bandwagon we had NONE and they were even married and even got kids. WTF.

Shitsuren Chocolatier. Matsujun's drama is the big ace of the season.

[A rant not as big as I wanted]Generally Matsujun doesn't fail at delivering in his dramas and it's being quite interesting seeing this "evil" side of Satomi-chan. I admit I was pretty meh about Mizuhara Kiko, but she seemed really nice in VsA, I thought she was the uptight kind of girl because of the model/film work she has done but she've become endearing in this drama and in her promos like Bistro SMAP, which I recommend to watch, it was epic watching this 3 ladies discussing drama kisses and explaining SMAP (as if they didn't know, FFS) about tongue kissing on tv.

The thing is that if you focus on the main pair, it's interesting and all that, but I'm still pissed at how Sato Ryuta and Shige's character were neglected.

This drama deserved more Sekiya and Ricdor-san not being only a crazy Onee.

In the original manga, Sekiya's role was more than a cool character as Shige portrayed, it was a cold person, an observer of sorts and Ricdor-san asks him to look up something to be passionated about, interact to people, to expand his world (in amazingly panneled art in the manga), so then he asks Kaoruko to have lunch with him.

This had so much potential and it was so wasted.


For a night drama, it grows on you. in the beginning I was in for Hokuto (and his amazing hair), Hamachan and the manager.

Also with the Kansai debut, as an unit SHARK keeps getting interesting. Maybe there was a reason to not include the SHARK guys in JWEST but we won't know. XD;

S the last policeman.

I was hoping to see Mukai Osamu as the next action hero but it's just a big ham who wants to protect people in an special unit. Still his back story is interesting, has a great cast (grumpypants Ayano Go is loltastic), let's ignore if the terrorist thing has some inaccuracies.
Also it has more (alive!) Jutta-kun.<3
[Extra Jutta-kun]

Nice arms, Jutta-kun. XD

Fukuie keibuho no aisatsu. I watch this drama because it's slightly different, a bit of Criminal Intent in the way the cases are presented. Some critics say it's the same deduction system from Aibou, but since I don't watch it, IDK.

Goro barely appears, so if you hate him don't worry, he just parades for 3 minutess being himself. XD;;
Still I kinda wish this role was offered to Miho Kanno, she would've made this role fantastic, but well, I suppose after her wedding it would be wose to pair her with Goro anymore. XD;;
On the other hand I'm glad that Emoto Tokio (the megane cop in Beginners!) is the forensics cop that help her to solve the cases. XD  (they even went together to Bistro SMAP!)
So far it's enjoyable, it has great guest actors on the cases every episode, and despite being a bit slow at times, it's good.

* If you watched Shinzanmono years ago, this winter it was released an SP with Abe Hiroshi solving a murder within a ballet troupe. Ishihara Satomi starred there and I must tell you she was great in it.

Gunshi Kanbee

It's getting a slow sub but it's better than nothing. And I'm here for Okada Jesus.
Also his father looks handsome (sorry, my ojiisan fetish is showing) XD;;

Lost Days

For all the Tenimyu/Toku fans this is a goldmine. It's a total Melrose Place mess with some mystery. Still I'm stuck in episode 3. ^^;;

Kiriyama creeped me out. XD;;

* More creepyness? watch Dark System. It is on the same time slot of Nakamaru's last drama so there must be a bizarre theme or something. Hikuaru is endearing and seems he'll be a doctor in his next drama, so we can say he's versatile. XD;;

* I fail at anime watching and I have lots of series to watch (maybe someday I'll get this Kuroko hype) but so far watched this one.

*Spring recs? Plotboxes have already their spring poll up, vote over there and check jdramacity for drama summaries and promos but in a nutshell here we go:
[Spring list!]
*Nino and Ohno will have their own drama for spring.
Personally I'm watching Nino in Yowakutemo  Katemasu for all the supporting cast (let's ignore it's a baseball drama) and Ohno will jump into another adaptation that still sounds interesting, Shinigami-kun.
* Katori Shingo doesn't learn after the flop Monsters was and will be a detective again for Smoking Gun. Still I'll watch. XD; On the other hand I'm excited about his new butai with Mizuki Arisa and Yamamoto Koji, based in Ocean's Eleven. That's badass for you.
* FIRST CLASS: The polar vortex is freezing the hell over because Sawajiri Erika is back on tv and his romantic pair is NAKAMARU YUICHI. Yes. And seems she'll have a couple more actresses fluttering around him (Srsly, Nanao again?) This is gonna be epic, guys. I can't wait for this and I don't even care about her but the internets are dying already. ::gets out popcorn::
* Naruyouni Narusa 2 reminds me of remember watching the first season. Seems that Yasu will be a guest only and Inoo Kei will be a total yankee in his short blond glory.
*Last but not least, Nobunaga no Chef 2, with more glorious Micchi and Tama-chan in Hakama <3 (and yes, more Goro XD;;)

Other dramas:
* Bitter Blood with Sato Takeru and Watabe Atsuro will be about estranged father and son being a detective couple.
* Kitamura Kazuki and Tanihara Shosuke (and Kota Yabu if you care for him) will be in White Lab, as a special team based in stylish scientists to solve cases.
Oguri Shun is back in BORDER, a drama where after being brought back from death, he can listen to phantom voices that help him solve cases (yes, another detective drama)
* Zoku - Saigo kara nibanme no koi has another season, with Koizumi Kyoko and Nakai Kiichi, probably still failing at being together. I love this boring drama.
* Tadanobu Asano, Ayano Go and Koyuki will be in The Long Goodbye, a Raymond Chandler adaptation.
* Ueno Juri is back in Alice no Toge, when she'll try to get revenge over his father. Kuriyama Chiaki will be there too and, Odagiri Joe? :O
* Other names having dramas this season: Anne (as an OL, srsly?),  Machiko Ono, Nishijima Hidetoshi <3 (MOZU is the name of the drama, haven't checked what is it about), Hayashi Kento,
Sasaki Kuranosuke might be in a tearjerk drama, Sono hi no mae ni (sorry no more dying people).

Sorry for the long post, this draft was dated in January 17th. Yes, I know.
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26 February 2014 @ 12:59 pm
My drama review draft is till catching mold but I have to point two moments in this season:


Nagaoka Takuya was a guest on episode 7!! <3<3
He tweeted last week he'll be in this episode so I was waiting to watch it.
Being this an emergency medical drama, he suffered a lot. DD:
At least he didn't die. XD;;
[Don&quot;t worry, Takkun, I&quot;ll be your bride.]For the people not watching (since it hasn't be subbed), Tacchon is a member on this emergency squad. He has quite some issues, like a vegetative sister he failed to attend,  (see? he can get deep~ roles!) so basically cries every episode.
Some people are grossed by the blood in the episodes, but being an emergency squad where there are accidents, or like in this case, serial killers, that's what you get.

My interpretation of the episode: Takkun's GF was a nurse at Hibiki's (Tacchon) Hospital and she was retiring to get married with Takkun. Days later,  some  guys goes bonkers and begins stabbing people at random on a winter park. Srlsy.

So along the victims, a kid get his parents and his lilttle sister stabbed and (insert dramatic moment) Hibiki is brought back to his own situation (his parents died somehow and was raised by his grandpa and he took care of her sister until she ended in a coma). Seems that the point of the episode is that Hibiki gets in the moral doubt about saving the life of the serial killer or the victims.

Takkun had his glory moment when shouting at the staff for not saving the life of her comrade instead of a criminal.
I was so happy to see Takkun in something after so much time! <3 (and he got some dental job done)
I still don't get why Kane-chan won't ever appear on tv except for obscure late night dramas that nobody torrent. XD;


I'm still in the middle of watching, and somehow I waited 90 episodes for this.
Of course the kiss is conveniently covered by the pickle jar.
[Smoother than Ryo in Papadoru XD]

I'm missing 18 episodes before episode 90, where probably is when Meiko gets her THREE kids, but until I watch, I assume the stork brought them.
Because only when he's drunk Ryutaro gets sleazy with Meiko. And sometimes even Meiko kicks him out of the bedroom, so IDK WTF with this pair. XD;; Where's the fic?!?!! So I make a party whenever Ryutaro makes bedroom eyes at her.

Gotta go, so someday will post the drama review. XD;;
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11 November 2013 @ 08:29 pm
I know that we're near holidays to post about Day of the Dead but been busy lately.

Outside work and around the city there were decorations and shrines for the Day of the Dead.
Some Catrinas at the Mall:

This one with a Frida Kahlo vibe

This resembles a crooner/movie star, María Victoria.

And these were the Shrines installed at work:
[Skulls, skulls everywhere]
Welfare Secretary installed this one:

A close up of the food display:

PR Department:

(Hint: they're wearing our traditional costume)

Prehispanic style Shrine:

This one features skulled Papantla Flyers, a ritual dance form northern Veracruz.

Close up of the flyers, really cute. XD

Up close, they're made of Polystyrene, so they're quite light.

This one has a colorful arch and a Catrina with Jarocha dress as well.

I suspect the assignment at schools were using skulls.

This one features lots of fruit.

This one was really interesting: the skull dolls were over carts/something mobile, so they danced all around! :D
Of course, jarocho music.

And this was the one at the Den.

As curious data, we usually clash Halloween Tradition/day of the Dead, but seems that the Board of Educations instructed for Kindergarten to dress up their kids as skeletons (no pumpkins, vampires, etc). I met at the street a girl with Cinderella dress but with skull make up. XD;; Victor-kun dressed his kid in jailstripe uniform but he has a skull make up and a skull rib t-shirt. Sorry, can't repost his pic without permission but he looked really cute!
31 October 2013 @ 04:57 pm
Happy Halloween, BTW. XD

Before I get to my Annual Shrine Exhibit post (meaning I'll post it in sunday), let's recap some dramas.

Dandarin. It's awesome. Love the storytelling, Takeuchi Yuko is a badass Queen.
I wish I'd look as cute while growling at people. Seriously, amazing. <3<3<3

Henshin interviewer whatever.

It was pretty WTF, but you know already Nakamaru's dramas are quite WTF most of the time.
But this time is weird good. XD.a bit moreCollapse )

Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo.
I admit is interesting. I still think Matsuda Shota is a jerk, but the rest of the cast is likeable.
OK, I'm watching for Sota-kun <3 <3

 And for Takei Emi not having any BS. She can show expressions and kick ass! XD

Kamen Rider Gaim: a fruity Rider indeed

Cut because only one person care about Kamen RiderCollapse )

Kurokuchi: Like Training Day but with an annoying trainee.

[tiny comment]It's not that I'm gonna join the Gouriki haterade but definitely she isn't par to Nagase.
Nagase is being this hard-boiled badassas exaggerated as we're used to do it, but after the 5th repetition of "se-kai-ii" gets a bit tiring.

He still looks adorbs and must be happy for being let to grow his facial hair freely. I was thinking the clean shave for Hara-chan must've been a pain in the ass. XD

Uchi's novela.

This is a total mess.Still watching XDCollapse )

There are stuff I still want to watch, like Gochisousama! Anne's Asadora that is currently updated at D-A!
But I'll need to torrent it.>> Which reminds me I should finish watching Carnation. XD;

Unless something else jumps, this might probably be all the dramas I'll watch (aside the ones that have pending subs XD)

And just a peek of my shrine exhibit.picCollapse )
Whereabouts: HQ
;D Yes, I went there. (inner joke)

New Drama season! New layout! And it almost costed an ovary to load. But anybody knows a fix code for the feeds tiny icon? DD:

Busytimes as always, but definitely this season looks more promising than summer season. I hope I can watch more than 3 this time. >>

Ando Lloyd: A pleasant surprise

[All the spoilers]So 2ch says it's a dissapointment the 19% ratings on Kimutaku's drama first episode. Excuse you.
Let's see if he can mantain them but after the flop that was the Nankyouku Tairiku and Moon Lovers (because he only had chemistry with one out of 3 love interests) you'd think that after being a salary man in Priceless he would run out of ideas and roles.
He decided to look into the future. Retaking the scientist idea from Mr. Brain but give a goddamn adorkable approach, he managed to kill and reinvent himself in the same episode.
He dipped in SciFi previously in Spaceship Yamato but making it happen in a drama? This is amazing, this drama Oozed budget and looks fabulous and the plotting is really intriguing.

And fuck damn Kimutaku, you look so damn gorgeous!! *____* He's a badass mofo. Watch an learn, Johnnies. This is how it's done. (Let's ignore the Tarantinesque blood, plz)

Personally I don't like Shibasaki Kou that much but can't deny she has amazing chemistry with Kimutaku, Girl can act.

I mean, I would glomp him that way too.<3<3<3
Also there's amazing people in it: Kiritani Kentaa!! <3<3
This bad android gives me Terminator 2 creeps. DD:

They're even making me like Oshima Yuko. The other androids are weird, but guess we'll learn more about them.
Also I suspect Hiraoka Yuta will be the Big bad in this one.

So my veredict:

Meet The Shori: 49

I think Sato Shori is the next Yuma of the agency.
[Sexy or not sexy? Someday. Maybe.]In terms that he's being pushed a lot, giving him dramas and making him center when he's a bit too young for that. But this time I think there's a bit of justification. Johnny-san knows his business.
So we'll get to see Shori blooming growing up in national TV. To the despair of the fangirls who never though they would see a Johnny's talent sporting scripted morning erections. At 16 years old. I wonder what else include his contract. >>

This is a step further than Toma's  "Homo ja nai!" monologue in Hana kimi.
And well, Boys on the Run was first, so I'm not scared. And this is a late night drama anyway. But put for example one of his bandmates (Marius) playing a kid detective and him this.

I admit 49 is absurd but not to Kamen Teacher extent. XD;;

It's what you might expect from an almost Freaky Friday premise and even when in the first episode Shori's acting wasn't that good (this pushover Dan was almost nonexistant, we couldn't see much of his character in the first episode), you can tell he worked hard and as the story goes by he can be rather convincing, especially with such smug looks.XD
I still don't get the mechanics of his group and which image is his (this random catch phrases and sometimes his enunciation is weird), but he's doing the best he can and you can see it in screen.

So far is fun. At least I cackle a lot with the viewers reactions over this, even when I don't know the Johnny's Jrs. casted here.

Nantoka Yokouso/Onmyoya/That long ass name Nishikido drama

Nishikido must suffer the Yamapi syndrome as well. Lots of expectations over him (at least mine).
[So-so]Sadly, we prefer him in tortured roles and after Papadoru we expected something/anything better, acting wise.
Personally I find him so handsome is distracting. Lots of close ups and cheap fanservice. And I do like skinny guys. And his eyelashes! *____* Yes, he reduce me to a brainless puddle of goo.

The first half of the drama I couldn't believe him, with his onmyouji robes and all. He can be snarky and smug, but it rly looked like even him wouldn't believe it.

It gets a bit better along the drama (especially with the glasses and the vest) but I'd still like a drama where he could unleash his potential (Why no other JOKER season!!?!?!?!?!!?)
Chinen is good, even when he's beginning to older to play Highschoolers and I like the Hanazubo girl and kills me that Ryo can't call her Kana-chan yet. Awkward Subekedo is awkward.
Anyway. I'm watching.

Legal High 2: New characters, but I'm watching for the main cast.

2ch is still dissing this drama but Sakai Masato brings the ratings, let's see if the plot thickens to keep them.
[couple pics]

Let's ignore that I found Koyuki's flirting with Komikado more gross than Shori's morning wood.

And I gotta support the Guch. (Adorado!!)

Tokyo Bandwagon

Let me tell you: I was far more invested in  3 minutes of Kame's drunk acting than 20 minutes of Ryo drama. And I'm so mean I wonder if the cab episode was like that. >D
There are no subs yet but I'm intrigued. so far it looks interesting, but I like slow family dramas and Kame looks good. People might think he looks chubby. I don't care, he was so happy at the promos that the group issue might somber the rest of the drama promos, but acting-wise, it's interesting, I don't care about ratings.
The only con I see is that I feel like Inocchi is threwn too much in the back. :(
And I adore Tabe-chan, so there.

Tsuyo-pon's drama.
I have expectations on Tsuyoshi's acting, but IDC about this casting, might watch out of curiosity and hope to get hooked, since his drama had one of the fastest fansubs ever.

WHERE IS UCHI'S TELENOVELA?? Does it air next week? IDK!! D:

Why nobody subs Dandarin? Why ignore queen Yuuko?!?!?!?! {C}

Also we have to wait for Nagase's drama subs too.

Of course you expected this: The Eito side of the Story:

Yes, I suppose you had the same reaction
(credit: tumblr, if you made it and want the gif down, please tell me!)

[All the flail]
ZOMG I died when in the first leak I listened the Taiko no Tatsujin effects to verify it made it to the Takomai PV! because if you wanted to look Tacchon in a positive light, that's his best instead of the brattines, lazyness etc.

Did I mentioned Tacchon's gorgeousness? <3<3

Creepy! Ryo confessing his Mayonaise love

Chibi Subaru!pimp

On the album: I confess I've listened to Jukebox brokenly, not all together. Work is annoying and they don't let me put on my earplugs in peace.
Definitely they try lots of different sounds and styles, hence the title of the album: they can be alternative, they can be folky, they can autotune! And they can be the same dorks.
I wanna believe that after 9 years they'll be able to sing what they want.
Also I wonder about this battle concept, the units and all this new music + their usual songs, how this tour will be.
But. But. How Your Wurlitzer can be so damn perfect!!! T___T
And FUUU Ryo with your team song. the lives are gonna be complete madness.

I'm in love with the kiddies casted in the Takomai PV

Chibi rangers!
So cute together!

They can dance!!

I mean, chibi Maruuuuu

And in the extras how Subaru was on charge of the album Challenge.
Don't worry, there are no screencaps of any of his macho/Hard Gay/IDK WTF was that get up.
Of course I it was unexpected and loved how he totally cheated his way to not get into Ryo's team, the same way Yoko decided to not pick Hina for his team (Titanic pair 4ever).

Also I'm loling hard thinking of the fanbase Subaru has earned in his Radio show listening to them for the firs time and seeing him in his speedo glory. (Subaru don't be a FREE! fan!)

You have no idea how it gives me life Ryo getting pissed off when entering to the meeting room. I enjoy watching him suffer, like having to eat sushi to decide the teams or in the Keshiki location and being embarrased and glaring to Subaru begging with his eyes to be on his team.

On other group news, I guess if Tegomass begin activities in november, Shige might keep working on Mirai Theater, the radio shows, if he has an idea work in a book or get picked up in winter drama. I hope so. I wanna see him even if his acting sucks. ;_;

Few comments on the Koki-gate:[cut]I hope he gets the liberty he wanted and he won't get freezed like the Yasmashita Bros. Also that he was able to negotiate Juri's debut won't be blocked. Shintaro didn't got blocked after Ryutaro's scandal, so I hope Juri gets a chance. Of course he was to be apologetic on the press he guess, keep a bit of low profile and hope all what he has done in 10 years won't disappear and he gets chances as an artist, because in the end, that was what he was pursuing.
I wonder about this new KAT-TUN and I hope the best for everybody. Maybe next year finally we can have an almost complete Countdown concert.

In American TV news: I managed to watch our domestic broadcast of Elementary  and was kinda interesting.
On the other hand, I love Sleepy Hollow. Finally got my fix (Taringa is the word) and I'm almost caught up. Amazing too. *___*
I'm not caught up in Agents of SHIELD, but I'm on that.

What are YOU watching this season?
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Basically my impression about Summer Season:

IDK if it's because I've been pretty busy therefore cranky lately, I'm getting old, or there's nothing new or refreshing to catch my attention.

Anime grumpingCollapse )

In other news, this is how I'm spending my drama season:

* Pintokona: Team Ichiya, Team Kyonosuke or Team Kyo-ya? XD

(gif credit: Yuuti at tumblr, If I got it wrong, feel free to correct me)
[Pintokonazo!! All the spoilers]
Of course I'm flailing over Tama-chan, because even when sometimes he battles a bit being the Shojo hero of this story (awkward kid is awkward), he's so cute I don't care. #adorado
This is the perfect flaily cheesy story after Itazura na Kiss.

Except when you read the manga. Of course there are some things that are still the same, with involuntary stuff happening.XD;;

Ayame's skirt kept fluttering all Episode 1. XD;;

The manga gives us a wider scope about why Ayame-chan stops seeing Ichiya.

It's a bit like the Tohru Honda differences in the Furuba anime/manga: Tohru had issues but she comes on first sight as a ditzy part timer (but they don't tell much about WHY she has to be by herself and her family relationship).
Ayame is more than that. Why Kabuki is important to her.

Also there's a bit more about Ichiya and Kyonosuke motivations over Kabuki, how their rivalry is pretty complemented, why they want to success and also what both see in Ayame.

And Todoroki-Ojousama is a million times more cuter and totally knows how this is becoming a triangle. It makes you side a bit on her (to have Kyonosuke and Ayame together, of course)

It says a bit of the pull of Hokuto in the agency (hello guest bad guy on Take 5) because his character isn't in the manga (unless he appears in further volumes but as there are no raws, I'm not sure about this)
And then they're going all telenovela with this lame rival plots stolen from Telemundo. This Yuna is totally psycho. DD:

Speaking of I don't get how they can leave Shihei bedding Yuna (insert Hokuto-in-underwear gif here) but cut Kanjiro niisan hitting on Ichiya. >>;;

On the other hand, Kanjiro-niisan is awesome in the drama, all supportive of  his kouhai. XD

Of course, if you aren't satisfied with canon, there's lots of fanservice, especially around episode 6 when Kyonosuke is all "We'll do Kabuki together! XD;;

Special points for Yuma and his Kabuki extra lessons paying off (perks of being one of Johnny-san's favorites), they make up when his acting isn't good enough.

I don't know if it say something about Jesse's versatility but I like him more in Pintokona than Kamen Teacher. XD;;

* Kamen Teacher is pretty absurd.

[Tiny comment]And somehow Taipi pulls it off. How Tama is the sparkly ikemen and Taipi such an airhead that goes BAM? Well, idol power. And Taipi ia a total ham despite what AnAn tries to tell us. XD;;
One of the things I like the most is the helmet/Taiga plushies Kinpatsu sensei because it's the precise example of over-the-top.

Also, I have hopes for Takumi-chin going bad in the name of justice.

I should stalk his blog to see if he has nice things to say about Taipi like he did about Maru on BOTR. (Or he was really surprised by him)

* Summer Nude: The story of a nice rebound guy.

[70% of the cast is in my shit list]This drama pisses me off because I can't stop self projecting. A girl waiting to her friend to finally pay attention to her? Been there, done that and lost time. More than 10 years. Impress me with something else.

Personally I'd like him to end with Karina because he needs to have somebody to boss him around.

Also I find amusing that even when he has more boobs than her, seems that her hands are bigger.

What I don't like: Why the girls are aso skinny. You can tell that in Ray they make Karina look marvelous because she looks a bit haggard in the drama. D:
Let's not get me into Toda Erika. She was plump in the Hina days, but looks skeletal now. DD:
I've only liked her in SPEC. She was her acting moments in the drama (still zero chemistry w/Yamapi) but I still want to whack her on the head (and if she love him that much, he doesn't fucking deserve her). Thankfully by episode 6 she has found the light.
And let's not get into Masami. I stopped watching Proposal Daisakusen. I couldn't stand both of them. I didn't hate her in Last Friends but I can't stand her now. Not even in fic.

I mean, I prefer Hikaru, the Cancam model, the Sexy Zone kid and Chiba Yuudai.

They give me life with their cheezyness.

I wonder what Shige has to say about his photographing prowess. XD

* Starman. Yes, it's kinda fantasy story, but I like Fukushi Sota (Kamen Rider privilege).
eyecandy goes hereCollapse )

Drama summary: TLD'R. I don't like many things currently.

Notes about Wolverine:
1. One does not simply say no to Wolverine taking you to a love hotel!
2. IDK if I feel aggravated by the casting (hello, asian generalization) or kinda relieved it had a bit of sense (with enphasis in "bit") well, unless you know the real locations, because it's been said by the people who have been in Tokio that the chasing sequences doesn't make any sense. xD;;
3. Wolverine is more badass than Superman, cockroaches and possibly Mick Jagger.

* Misc. fandom notes:
* Yes, I'm bitter about Yamapi's album that oozes budget.
* BTW, how Jin's album did? I suspect I missed the Oricon ranking. :P
* Have I flailed over #Shigeprecioso at the tour? Just imagine it instead then. *___*
* The world must be ending because Johnny's net is in english.
I do feel a bit swindled with Ryo's two-liners ranger nikkis (dude, stress made you write more when you were in two groups or the NEWS management was in charge of those long entries?)

Still I have to make a recap of autumn dramas but so far:

*KIMUTAKU is back! With Shibasaki Kou and I have expectations. I mean, he's an android in love! XDDD
*Ryo is back and hope it will be better than Papadoru (basically anything would be) Also I wanna lol hard at his host techniques.
*Yoko will be in a drama AGAIN with Matsushita Nao, and I can tell even on screencaps his acting is the usual. ^^;;
* When Is Okada Jesus Taiga drama beginning? *____*
* Wait, no Arashi drama yet?
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19 May 2013 @ 08:28 pm
To write down on my "words eaten" list of mine.

[A bit of history]My dad traumatized me with his love for Star Trek and that other series about a submarine, IDK the name in english.
There were Star Trek reruns before a show/movie I really wanted to watch on saturday mornings, that's why I remember waiting for the episodes to end. XD
So probably I've can recall a thing or two and lots of tidbits in popculture.
I went all DDDD: when Tohui said It was kind of cool and DLed the series (probably The Next Generation, he was going back) So, he was pretty hyped about the 2009 novie. He watched HEROES, so he was pretty hyped about Zachary Quinto being Spock and I dreaded the idea of going to watch it. Obviously we didn't go.
Lil'Sis went for his sake anyway.

But after some reviews about the movie I was all "Should I? Shouldn't I?" Some might've seen me on twitter and now you can lol because I went in the end.
Because I trust Valerie's judgement. :P
And because she said "even if you aren't a Star Trek fan, you'd find it entertaining" or something like that.

So I bit the bullet, got my ticket and went alone because Roomie doesn't love me that much and it was for the best.
Because well, there are some feelings in the way.

(Also did my homework and watched the first one, which was entertaining too.)

So I watched it and I liked it. It was a good thing I read only the good reviews[A bit of a spoiler]because there are lots of bad reviews and lots of Cumberhate and whitewashing dramarama.

Probably because I'm not a 100% fan, I didn't take it seriously enough to be offended. I might not agree with the casting (Zoe Saldaña is so skinnyis scary! As the eyelashes. >>;;), but there were things I liked and what I couldn't understand or the plotholes (once you've seen all the spoilers). I was told I would have a fun time and yes, I did.

So for what I can gather, and not in a deep way as I don't know all the series:
[Conclusions]1. Spock is cool. Both versions. Definitely there's a lot to relate with this suppresing emotions thing. Him and the Doctor, my favorite characters.
2. Of course, Leonard Nimoy is a KING. He saves these movies.
3. Probably my 2 least favorites are: 1. Zoe Saldaña (not the Uhura character) though the kisses were almost in jdrama level but it was better because sorry, I don't want Spock french kissing (maybe after reading fanfic XD), and 2. as a character: Captain Kirk, which brings me to the next point:
4. Is Captain Kirk supposed to be such a douche? Ugh. (on the other hand, I have no complaints about Chris Pine XD)
5. Really? Winona Ryder? O.O
6. I admit I cried. In both movies. I suck, I know. Spock. ;____;
7. All the fanservice.
8. The action scenes were impressive. I do think that with this one despite the haterade, Cumberbatch can land other kind of roles and step out Sherlock. Despite people saying only internet nerds know who he is. And he looks ginormous, and he can move and kick ass and be super badass (And I'm no Cumberbitch, but I dig the guy). Also I have no complains whenever Zachary Quinto ran and got pissed off.

So well, despite the emotional connection it was good to watch those movies.

IDK if I'm gonna become a Trekkie, but at least I liked both movies.
I wanted to face this day with a better mood but I just can't.

Even if I wan't I can explain myself or tell you about my feeling without having a break down so I just can't.

Even when I have people in my life still around having their birthdays today and they mean a lot to me, I just can't today.

Tohuizinho, I love you and miss you a lot.

credit: aboutaseven at tumblr.
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1. What you feared: my take in Otenki Oneesan.

Otenki Oneesan wasn't like the supermega wow drama (we learnt our lesson in Odore Doctor) but it was surprisingly interesting.
Points of interest:
1. Ohkura Tadayoshi (duh, of course): He got lots of lines, because you know, he's a LEAD. We'll comment further about his character.
2. Sasaki Kuranosuke. He is a god. Tacchon should learn a thing or two from him.
3. Takei Emi isn't that bad. If you've seen her previous dramas (some people say W no Higeki was really good, didn't watch) but if you contrast the ball of spazz she was in Tokio Zenryoku Shoujo and the snot emo fest it was Iki mou dekinai natsu she's versatile enough (and what's the trouble with Japan and serious girls? Jeez)
4. I wonder if the scriptwriters will be able to fill every episode with scientific explanations for every crime.
[Tacchon&quot;s previous roles and more Otenki Oneesan]

Personally I loved the Ball Lightning tidbit because there's a short story by Horacio Quiroga about a ball lightning. <3 Yes, I'm lame.

Now, about Tacchon. Apparently it isn't a Tacchon drama if he isn't a wuss. Probably ROMES is the exception.
Romes 1
But if we dig deep, there are issues about his mentor he covered with the ROMES project.

Apparently in Cinderella ni naritai there's the wish to be somebody else, anyway (didn't watch, don't know for sure)

  • Hissatsu Shigotonin: Well, he was supposed to be an assasin but so lame he got killed. >>;;

  • Utahime. James (according to drama wiki, Jinguki-kun, for the ones asking his real name). In the first place he was traveling to find himself (sounds like a proto NEET), was totally throttled by Sabako and his rebelius attempts were loltastic.

  • Yasuko to Kenji: Wuss, even when he admitted liking Yasuko and wanting to protect her. And IDC, this one of my favorite dramas EVER for everybody in there, especially Mabo and his table flipping. XD

  • Odore Doctor. Really, one of the biggest dissapointments ever. Why had you in so many promos when you barely appeared. Even Massu got more presence in Resident!

  • Umareru. Another emo wuss snooze fest. Dude, get over yourself and be grateful to your adoptive family!

  • Mikeneko. Ishizu-kun was quite likeable because the character was meant to be this sassy bratty, silly and lazy that somehow got into action just to impress Harumi and had nice wardrobe.

BTW, are there somewhere the Harumi and Ishiku-kun case of the DVD extras?

So this time they're following this trend of the lesser police agent. Also, his nickname denotes the lack of faith in his generation (rememeber when in Zenkai Girl Gakki mentioned the Yutori Education?)

So he's constantly pressured to succed and make his division look good. But he doesn't look that ambitious, like for example, Mabo in 18 sai no HELLO WORK.
Maybe he wants to take thing easier?
But seriously, I predict he's gonna get this treatment all the drama, unles he's beginning to solve cases. Ugh.

2. Last Cinderella

I expected more of Shinohara's Ryoko role. I liked her more in Haken no Hinkaku, that was a strong badass working woman.Maybe my upbringing with single females make me look things different but ugh.
[There will be shenanigans in this ecchi drama]Even Anego was OK. One thing is being seduced by Akanishi and other having a bed scene with Miura Haruma. He, younger than her felt a bit umconfortable. Sorry, my liking for him doesn't go that way. Even when he's legal and grown up.

Then why giving him asshole roles. If there's something I hate are such characters. So if he's gonna fall for her FOR REAL, the script must be good. I already hate Nanao for being a cunt to get on Fujiki Naohito's pants (Guess what? He won't see you any other way than a little girl).

On the other hand, damn, his acting is good because he didn't look uncomfortable at all and his bed scenes were pretty decent. :O

It amazes me when Fujiki Naohito isn't a cold noodle in his roles. His interaction with Shinohara is really good.
I smell triangle shenanigans with Sakura's friends. I was surprised but do not want.

And sorry for being superficial about this drama, I don't even want to begin with sexism and what is expected in female roles because I might begin to throw things.

Because it's sad and unfortunately true. First hand experience.

The moral of this drama is: Don't drink until you pass out. Sorry but a morning after smelling like booze? Pass.DD:

3. Kusaka na Kanojo: It's interesting, Anne and Katori have nice chemistry. I like the SMAP ending.

[more screencaps]This woman is a Queen and just for her, I'd watch. BTW, I missed her Kyoto drama from last season. Oops. XD;;

Is this Morishin? O.o

One thing are the colorful sweaters Katori and Kitayama use, and other Maeda's short shorts. I know they're in, I do follow fashion magazinesm tyvm, but tyhis isn't work appropiate, WTF. D<

4. More Itazura na KISS. It's really entertaining and the guys have great chemistry! XD

[an extra cap]Kotoko is as single minded yet qute innocent, a pure heart. she might teach a thing or two to Naoki. Even when he goes all Ootori Kyouya on her. XD;;

5. Holic finale. Don't worry, won't spoil you. But if you managed to go through after the first episode, you might concur with me there's a reason why there aren't many CLAMP Live Actions.
Maybe they thought it was time after Tokyo Babylon. But really. >>;;
For a series based in supernatural stuff, they handled the effects in an interesting way but the casting and the plot adaptation wasn't what fans might want.

At least got some donuts.
But fuckers, they could add the "we can share the burden together" line ::flips table::

Now where are the Galileo 2 subs!?!?!?!?!

Lately in Eito Shows:
Yoko appeared in Ahoyanen! Sukiyanen! a NHK Kansai show.
And when I looked at the panel interviewed him I was all: Is that Kamakari Kenta? O.o

Yes he is! He's a regular in the show along some Kansai Juniors.

It made me squeal their interaction, how Kenken was a bit nervous talking to Yoko and how he was really nice to his juniors. It was a nice reminiscing show.
When fandoms collide. <3

This week in Janiben, Minami Akina, the girl who played Chiharu-chan in BotR was the guest.
She's quite particular with hobbies, like running Karts. Pretty different of what I thought she was. XD;;
In one of the corners, she asked all of Eito to write a message about not being able to arrive to a date using emojis. Where you could see their particular styles:
[no Tacchon or Yoko bits here]
Maru actually uses some of those emojis in his jwebs.

Yasu is as loud as he is. XD;;

And Nishikido´s, well...

He found an use for the unko emoji and if you see his final emoji, he can creep in emoji form as well! XDD

Subaru's is out of this world. XD;;

In all the show was pretty interesting and fun!

Because Tati complained about not having the chance to see Massu in tight pants, here we go:
credit: Inala-san

[Only 3 images :P]

Ok, there aren't that tight and this is only from last year, I'm not going that back.

On a Duet feature the staff made them swap clothes, so he's wearing Shige's clothes.

Unfortunately because of Shige's gay scarf, we can appreciate the pants properly. XD;

And the tightest pants we've seen him wearing in the last 2 years (aprox) might be this:

complete page here, belongs to a Myojo poster.
Probably there should be more from the times when they weren't allowed to pick their clothes more freely, but hope this will suffice. you're welcome, Tati. XDDb

This is the PSA:
And because it's time again: The second round of butafest is on! :D
Please go to allthegyoza and check their guidelines to share some Massu love!

A Massu fanworks challenge

Happy mail news from Indonesia!Collapse )
Whereabouts: HQ
So I just noticed that I don't have my movies, dramas, anime, etc. of the year and it's already april. (_ _)
It's like I've been sucked by a black hole, seriously. And I have to update my sidebar. >>;;
I would change my layout, but somehow I blocked the LJ icons in FF, so it's gonna be a hassle edit it. XD;;

But believe it or not, I've watched some stuff lately in the last couple weeks.
[Two animes and one drama and a half]
Kobato Anime: Between the original chapters, the reissues and what not, didin't finish reading the manga even when it's a short one.
It was pretty amusing to find Kobato's speech easy to understand. XD;;
Another thing to like were the crossovers. And well, this was an angsty story CLAMP-style. And in the last episodes I cried lots, as expected.
Still IDK if somewhere in the manga they explain the issue with Sayaka-sensei and her husband, it was pretty confusing. I think it was one of the weakest characters I've ever seen on CLAMP, a vilain just for the sake of being a villain.
Now where's all the Kobato fic. But well, you'll have all this age gap thing CLAMP is always fond of. >>;;

I began watching BLOOD-C and had the foresight of checking wikipedia and as I didn't like the spoilers, I'm dropping it. I wasn't to fond of the animation anyway. Too much red and too much fanservice.

GIFT: Probably Kimutaku wasn't at his hottest here (still lanky but any chance was good chance to show him in underwear and of course, his epic naked first scene) and his acting wasn't that awesome, but he landed an interesting script with enough empty spaces to make up for it. And damn, he had already lots of personality. Also got a great cast and an amazing wardrobe for a 1997 drama, you can see it oozes budget (or sponsors). Disclaimer: As I liked it, probably is a slow drama, don't tell me later it sucked.
On the other hand you can see a young Shinohara Ryoko playing the (not so) tart girl trying to get in his pants and how this season she's already treated as an obaasan. Oh well.
I'm stucked in Ep 07 because my DVD is acting up and refusing to play all my discs. This is why I can't have a screencap, sorry.

Also I cheated and ran selected eps of Orthros no Inu in fast forward. It was a really bad one. Sorry, Tackey. And WTH was that ending? Nishikido, I don't know who choose the dramas for you. I still believe you signed an immunity contract for Papadoru to not appear in anything else. And it was a good choice.

But also I watch new shows:

* The next J's Journey is about A.B.C.Z, where they have to go through Australia living in a van and on working holiday to be able to pay for everything.
[Small comments]It sucks to be recently debuted, because while Yamapi and Tackey didn't have any budget restrictions, Kitayama (I don't know about Chinen and Takaki) and this guys have to make ends meet.
And of course, they have staff around them so No Staff my ass.
Still I wish for a MassuMaru trip, just hopefully they won't go to Amazonia because Massu will die of a heart attack.
If you wonder who I ship in this group, your answer is in the pic.

* So a new Gokusen is needed? Fear not! We'll have gang fights in Bad Boys J, where we have 3 different kinds of badass guys.
[Sorry, no screencaps]My fave is Nakaken who is probably your earnest boy (who miracously happens to be good at fighting) and has a love interest (It's a close battle of who has the biggest buckteeth) involved in gangs. Or something like that because I watched the raw.
But I admit that Nikaido Takahashi is working hard to give his best as the BEAST gang honcho, just EEEWWWW to the fang chick from AKB. D:
And well, Hasshi is scary hot as the leader of a Host band. My money is in that he's wearing a fugly wig. Triendl Reina has a pass because I like her, but I wasn't able to watch Sugarless, so IDK if she can act a bit or not.
As back characters some Johnny's Jrs. that I don't even know. XD;;
And seems that Ouji will be a character in the Host gang, but so far he doesn't appear in EP.1.
Entertaining and loltastic (all the battle scenes) but they're working hard, that's what count.
Let's ignore the theme is by the underage Sexy Zone kids. DDD:

* Itazura na Kiss: Must be a mid season one because they have 45 mins episodes and they're runiinig TWICE a week!
So far I like this version (couldn't stand the taiwanese, but I couldn't stand the manga and only watched the anime XD;;)
This Kotoko isn't fugly but a bit on the normal/plain side yet cute and you might remember the Naoki guys as Sasaki Kuranosuke's staff in Boku to star no nichi (adorbs!) and was somewhere in Rich Man, Poor Woman, so we can tell he can act a like Naoki (so far better than Ouji and Aoyagi Ruito, sorry guys.)
[screencaps = bias]

As characters go by, the redeeming features of Kotoko is that despite being "dumb" is that she tries hard and is a good person yet she steps down the line and has limits, she isn't THAT love blind. And it's good that Naoki learns from Kotoko's struggles.

And Kin-chan is adorable, Yamada Yuki (Gokaiger and GTO) does a good job, let's ignore his Kansai ben and that seems he's not letting go of the eyeliner (and the long hair) yet. ^^;;

yanie02 has posted streaming links and summaries of the episodes, it's gonna be uploaded at plotboxes and seems there's a fansub already involved.

* I'm stumped in my KR watching, but as a reference, I just wan't to add that I can't believe Echizen-san's bro who is really one of the stupidest characters ever was this fabulous in Kamen Rider W. I wan't a match with Yuuko. XDD

credit: henshinharo at tumblr

* I'm still watching XXXHolic and  I'm a bit suspicious of the spider arc, which looks like Spider Shoujo Jidai molests Watanuki, but this week we'll see how it evolves.

* And if you haven't watched Yakou Karansha already, DO IT, It's really well written and keeps you wondering every episode. Honestly, Yasu was really lucky for landing his role and I'm not pimping just for his sake, but because it's really interesting and I'm pretty sure he showcased his talent. He might be a dark horse for acting, like Maru, but he can't be lead material because of his height.
Sometimes the teenage angst is a bit bothersome along the drama, but with it we confirm that family members need to speak honestly to each other to avoid unnecessary drama.
It's interesting the fact that the girl who plays Himawari-chan in Holic (and was the megane idol wannabe in GTO) was in Yakou Karansha and wasn't that bad in this one, but in Holic is really bad. D:

* It's been TWO weeks since Yoko step out of Recomen and we haven't heard yet WTF is gonna do next. Come on, management!
 I haven't listened Maru's first Recomen but I have to check for the Shige namedropping. (Yes, Maru, I know you bought Ryo's copy.)

So a tiny list of dramas I'll be watching and some might be interesting.
Sorry, I don't have much time to edit properly, you can see the winning poll at plotboxes and a most complete list here.

[quick and dirty list]What I'll try to watch:
1. Otenki Oneesan, Tacchon's drama, OF COURSE. Let's ignore his hair.
2. Last Cinderella, with Shinohara Ryoko, Miura Haruma (with the most awful styling) and Fujiki Naohito (in another styling disaster). I'm the drama for her (and Miura Haruma, who looks so pretty it makes me feel bad).
3. I was almost forgetting about Katori Shingo's drama, with Anne, Kitayama and what is left of Atsuko Maeda. XD;;
4. Mabo has a(nother detective) drama, right? With Matsuda Shota, in TBS.
5. Machiawaretta Otoko. Seems that Nakamaru is there?
6. Kiritani Kenta will have an SP in Kyoto about looking for his father, Chichi no hana, saku haru.

The Maybe list:
a) Kyokuhoku Rapsody, medical drama with Eita, who doesn't know the meaning of overexposure.
b) Kogure Shashinkan, with Kamiki Ryunosuke. His charachter's family move to an old photography studio where there are some ghosts around, or something like that. I like the kid, but not all his dramas stick. XD;;
c) Cheap flight, an SP with Takeuchi Yuko and Mukai Osamu about a small airline. Yes, I know it sounds a bit lame. And the subs are already out. XD;;
d) 35-sai no koukusei seems to have an interesting script, the thing is that I dislike the lead actress. But she's so popular that probably will have good ratings.
e) Mizuki Arisa will have other single woman in her 30s drama.
f) Nishikido's GF Gakky has ANOTHER lawyer drama too.

The IDC list:
I. Sho's drama. Maybe I'll try the first ep but for the rest of the cast. Not him. I confess the only drama of him I have completed is Yoiko no Mikata. Yes, I've lived my life without The Quiz Show, and didn't finish the Maki one and the butler one.
II. Eikura Nana will have a police drama. (Yanagishita Tomo is there)
III. Matsukaza Tori will have police SP with Anne.
All the jidageikis and police dramas that are left.

On a last note, my N5 certificate arrived! \:D/

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So I thought, "what is happiness anyway?"
It's not that hard!
If I ever get to meet you here at this place again
That would probably also count as happiness!

Unable to let go even though it was the right thing
I'm left confused by that reality
As long as I have that vow we made
I won't get lost when tomorrow is bleak.

Tohuizinho, I love you and I miss you a lot.
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Is this another one of the seven plagues? D-addicts it's down, which probably migh lead us to look for alternate sources, or changing hobbies.
At least I'm back into tokusatsu because TV-Nihon has it's own tracker. >D
BTW, Happy belated 10th anniversary, Tv-Nihon!

Ahem, still there are a few notes of the second batch of seasonal dramas. Even when Resident and Ozosaki no Himawari still don't have subs.

So here we go!

1. Monsters
This guy was on the first episode of Yamapi's preview drama, coincedence?

[where Yamapi is pwned by his co-stars]Katori Shingo can many be many things and if you saw that clown song that made with Will.I.Am (less points for him) for S.M.A.P tour, you'd know he would do creepy well. Or over the top (examples: Shingo Mama, Kochikame).
I still love him and began stanning him for Bara no nai hanaya and knowing his comedic side it, was an amazing job to stuff all of it in his actoral box and be such a subdued (and for many people) gray character.

Still. he eats alive Yamapi. Nothing that we didn't know. Also looks HUGE next to Yamapi, if you have seen The Monsters performances. >>;; Yamapi, stop trading diet advices with Jaejoong.
I admit it was good to see Yamapi in an aloof role, airhead role after Buzzer Beat (he looked a bit stressed), I don't know about the Helicopter Dr. or Stand Up, and the Dead Parlour drama he was quite loose before taking over the business and got a bit angsty, except for his drunk scenes with Eikura Nana.

He looks over the top? both of them, but even the duo on TOKYO DOGS was (still there are differences, of course)
The first episode was a heavy one (I took a few breaks) but definitely the screenwriting was interesting, it gave many rounds to finish in the same place but still was interesting (and creepy).

I'm not sorry for enjoying a Yamapi in distress and I admit he looks cute with his girlfriend, actually, she's my favorite character. Also it's good the fact that he seems really in love with her and this "I love her in all his busu/chubbyness" doesn't seem as faily as Goro with the adorable Murakami Tomoko on Busu no hitomi no koishiteru.

Another thing that I enjoyed: when he hid under Kiriyama Renn and Kato whatever, who looks far more skinny than ever than I barely recognized her. DD:
Kiriyama can say he has been in 2 SMAP dramas, but I don't think he keeps score.

2. Hana no Zubora Meshi

Poor guy, he's so embarrased whenever he has to say that. XD;;

[Let&quot;s meet the Ecoloco Cave!]

I suspect Hana has been dumped by his husband and it's in denial. Srsly. her apartment looks like the Ecoloco cave. >>;;

But if we check with the manga (yes, I bothered in looking up that), it's quite accurate.

Even the storyboards, despite how many inappropiate imaginery it may cause. It matches, as you can see:

The style of the manga it's already messy and as i'ts a manga for an adult reader (I-don't-understand! doesn't have furigana!!) there are many images of Hana's daily life and with that I mean shower scenes, that I don't think help with the storytelling, but whatever. ^^;;
Another thing that doesn't help with the storytelling is Osoi-sensei.

We already know Shige's acting is quite bad, so I had no expectations for this. I mean, he has plastered the idol smile (really tense)!
Still I want him to cut his hair. The bed hair is distracting. Yet I'd love to have him cooking at my house. XD;;

With this I admit I have a hand fetish. (bad cap, but he moves so fast!)

And if you didn't get it, I'm watching for the pretty and the foodfaces. Because I don't have access for chikuwa or any ingredient you list, Osoi-sensei.

3. Osonozaki no himawari
Why have a debut cd when you can sing your own drama opening?

So badass, Toma.

[couple caps, because I haven&quot;t watched, actually. XD;;]

Adding the awesomeness of Kiritani Kenta. (adorado!!)

And having Junno as a Nurse. <3<3<3<3 (thank God the blond is over)
A reason to watch this with japanese subs... once. XD;;

THE Kimutaku is back. And he can look fab at that.

(You may think this cap isn't compelling at all, but to understand the Kimutaku factor, you have to see him in motion)
[all the spoilers!]
Yes, Nankyouku Tairiku was a snoozefest that not even the cast or the doggies could save, so for his next drama he went back to basics: the self-made man.

Loved the ending!

Anyway. In such telenovela argument, we see how a (kinda) successful salesman at a thermos company  is bring off the market and out of luck by his (gasp!) half brother, Fujiki Naohito, who CAN do bitch faces, thank you very much.

In the way, this man used to have what he wants, because money is made to be spent,  will learn the value of things, the value of people and that there are just things that money can't buy. And not only him, because she's next a girl who knows all the binbo route and thinks that money = happines. Both of them will learn a lot in this drama.

He has great chemistry with the kiddies, and he's really good with Karina (sorry, Nino, you had zero chemistry with her, the only thing that would top your lack of chemistry would be slotting Nishikido with her).

And Nakai Kiichi is the most adorable grey man in the history of kaisha no hito.

And Fujigaya actually has lines in this drama.

Just as a side note, I rememeber that Tanihara Shosuke was going to do a homeless role for a SP or a drama and suddenly, it's out the radar. Maybe to not throw shade at Kimutaku?

5. Piece
Weird yet interesting (love me, love me not XD).

[what kind of bus traveler are you?]
It was good to see Yuma in a character where he isn't brooding (Koishite Akuma) yet has his mysteries (I can smell the dramarama a mile ahead). I like Honda Tsubasa (he is taller than her, a miracle!) and they have nice chemistry.

And he kinda pulls over the charming careless guy that he's gonna be bad news if you keep seeing him, but you just can't stop. XD;;

And rememeber? They are supposed to investigate about her dead classmate, but we're more interested in their relationship. XDD

I don't know how the manga goes, but I don't like this blondish hair he's sporting since SHOCK or whatever musical he was (or was with Tackey?).

6. More flailing over Kekkon Shinai.

[that moment when your OTP might not end together, WTF Japan?]
Yes, I feel aggravated on their take of being single, yet I can't stop shipping.
I wan't to threw Tamaki's character through the window for being such a chickenshit. And this means he's playing his hervivore role properly. Still i want to bitchlslap him.

Because all this anticipation and probably they won't end together (because he's a guys with issues and arghhh, anmd then... I'll stop self projecting.)

I wish I was able to get even a "single" Le Creuset pot. >>;;

And I kinda ship the professor with Haruka-san.

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02 November 2012 @ 09:57 pm
Got a few pics of the shrines installed at work and a few pic from today at the cementery.

[LOTS of pictures here]

The Academy of Indigenous Languages installed a prehispanic shrine.

Detail of the ground design

Outside the PR office they installed a shrine with Catrín & Catrina.

Bad pic. didn't got any close up, later when I went around, they retired the maché dolls. DD:

There was a Catrina dresses as jarocha next to this one.

A communications school dedicated theirs to media creators:

I don't have pics of the Den's shrine, because I haven't been there the whole week. XD;;
So I put an emergency one with handmade flowers (didn't have chance to go buy some) and I realized I don't have enough religious images. Also, this one is without portraits, because I don't have individual pics of my family members. XD;;

(excuse the cables)

I have a pic (bad light) from home, but this one has booze and lots of portaits. xD;;

Today I went to the cementery before work. LOTS. of people. I had to get off the cab and walk a block because the traffic was insane. XD;; (This area looks lonely because it's one of the extremes of the cementery. I have to cross it to get to Tohui's and my Grandma's place. xD;;)
There are lots of musicians, people who practivcally have a picnic over there, or just they spend time decorating the tombs. there was even a guys selling candy floss!

And then I found the Bear Family, so we put flowers together for Tohui (and his grandparents).

Papa Bear brought the garland, and possibly my cousin Rena put the windmill and the I<3U sign with flowers.
I knew Mama Bear would bring many flowers, that's why I only brought a small ribbon cross. You cna barely see it at the right. XD;;

They also sell many kinds of flower wreaths, some with religious images, some others with wax flowers.
There were lots of people, that's why I couldn't take many pics. XD;;

Then I rushed to go to my grandparent's tomb.

And then I rant to work.

Last year's post here.
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This season's dramatic room is established at Tamori's well, living room.
There weren't the Iitomo cast like on the spring show, but it had Kimutaku instead of Tsuyoshi. Also no Pingo combi (Shingo-Yamapi) because Monsters is on a different network. Ikuta Toma sat next to Nakai promoting Osozaki no Himawari.

It always amazes me that it's supposed to be aired live and having people like Nakai and Tamori san being experts at Live shows, it's to many people to make a smooth show. And trying to do this "home" setting, trying to make the staff unnoticeable it's difficult.

Also, I took a million caps, but I'll try to not extend too much.  (Disclaimer: I can't quote/translate exact lines, everything is interpretation XD;;)


It was really pleasing to see Seto Koji (looking quite grown up!) and Tokuyama Hidenori alternating with Kimura & Nakai.
Still, I'm not interested in Tokyo Aiport, even if Seto Koji is there, sorry Fuka-kyon.

Favorite Guests: Abe Hiroshi (who is really tall, as you can see and so damn modest!<3), Kiritani Kenta is adorable and Kanno Miho is a queen, and I know that every season she appears I say that I adore her, don't mind me.

So far my favorite cast: Kekkon Shinai.

Priceless cast. I don't know why Fujiki Naohito is so dull on interviews (even on Oshaerism) and he totally disappears in this kind of gatherings (too meek and polite?).  Karina and Kimura have nice chemistry and checking the drama, seems that Priceless will be an interesting one, despite all the critics about Kimura not being able to play a "poor/homeless" character.

Basically they decide the order of promo screening with challenges between all drama casts.

First Challenge: Questionary about dates and everybody had to answer on circle boards (bad planning not making them erasable like in other variety shows). >>;;

Second challenge: Arm wrestling Biggest surprises: Abe Hiroshi LOST and Tamaki Hiroshi, but Setomaru looks a bit heavier, so no surprise there.

Kiritani Kenta won the arm wrestling match and got his (and Toma's) drama team to introduce his trailer. (BTW, Toma's pants were HIDEOUS, almost Hammer style! DD:)

The girls were on a janken tournament and Kashii Yuu (Noriko from Yukan Club and the Teacher on My Boss, My Hero) won , so they run Toma's promo twice. Bad idea, Nakai, there are still other people's promos! >>;;

Third challenge: Archery. Kimura hit twice the bulls eyes and proceeded to troll the rest of the guys. Poor Tokuyama- kun, he was quite out of the zone, Setomaru did relatively good 70 points twice.
I found particularly rude that Abe Hiroshi, Tamaki were trolled during their shots. This way, they ran the Priceless promo.

Fourth challenge: after a round of dessert,  paper plane throwing. Tamaki's plane threwn by Kanno Miho flew the least, 30 cms,XD  while Abe Hiroshi's flew 8 mts and fell in the middle of the pool. So they got to screen the Going my Home promo.

Fifth Challenge: To rush things over, they used the pirate in the barrel game to pick the next promo to screen, and was the turno of Tokyo Airport. Damn, Kaname Jun is gonna be in that drama as well.

Even when Kimura tried to rush things, seeems that despite being only 2 teams they should compete to screen their promos. And probably they would run out of time and not have promo time. >>;;

Koukou Nyushi seems like an interesting drama (if highschool bullying and other conflicts are your thing) But as I don't like Nagasawa Masami that much (that's why there are no caps, sorry), probably I won't watch, though I'm interested in Tokuyama's role, because he's co-starring. Random question: I wonder about Last Friends, because Masami is almost as tall as Nishikido, lol. XD I was pretty amazed at Masami being taller than Karina when she looks so huge. Or Nino is just that short, lol.

Sixth Challenge: They played slipper!pinpong. >>;;

Then they finally passed all the promos and made another jankenpon tournament. Fujiki Naohito won, so they ran the PRICELESS promo again. >>;;

This time they didn't do the guest relationship chart about who were casted the most together. Like last spring. I like trivia, so I was looking forward to that section. Seemed interesting, since Miho Kanno had worked with Abe Hiroshi and Fujiki Naohito, while had worked with Masami as well and so on.

Loling hard that at the last cm break Kimura, Toma, Fujiki-san and Kiritani Kenta were fooling around at the pool when they were back to air and had to rush into the house. XD;;

It was entertaining in the sense you'll get to see actors interacting, but sometimes it can get a bit boring.
I was amazed as well at how polite and shy many of them are. I thought that Abe Hiroshi was a bit more outspoken but he really gives space to senpai actors, doesn't try to steal the spotlight like Kimura, for example. And I do like Kimura, but sometimes I wonder how much is a personality thing or because that's expected of him, being the centre of attention.
Kiritani Kenta is such a fun, witty guy, and yet so nice. He can talk with anybody about anything, not a shy one.

First autumn Drama review:

1. Kekkon Shinai:

[Do I need validation to be single?]
Do I need validation to be single? This drama begins with a statisticaly overview of single people and their reasons. People who aren't on the marriage stage but they want to, people who gave up marriage for their work career and people who don't think are fit for marriage. This three character will befriend each other and then we'll see how they evolve.

I'm so invested in this drama for the Kanno-Hiroshi pair, though I suspect that this drama will end NOT getting them together, because well, this is Japan. But still I liked it a lot.

2. Perfect Blue:

[Detective drama]
I was dubious about this one, because Takimoto Miori will be slated in the "nice girl" roles till the end of time, but I liked a lot the detective dog's (Masa!) narrating voice (apparently from the original manga), the female detective team and the mystery around the father's dead. And they have Deiku! <3 who also seems to be casted as a detective till the end of time too. >>;;

3. Tokyo Zenryouku Shoujo:

[Adventures in Tokyo]
After the angst fest that was Ikimo Dekinai Natsu, it was a bit refreshing to see Takei Emi with a cheery role, though at times she's too genki and you won't believe her luck. I thought I was watching a local telenovela at times.
I thought she would be able to find his father by episode 3, not on the first one.
I'll be watching for Miura Shohei, who'll probably end friendzoned, like in Hana Kimi, Hungry, etc.
Oh, and there's Tsukamoto Takashi (Runaway) as a single dad too, working for Urara's father.

Still have to watch Priceless, Monsters, Piece, Ooku, Double Face, Osozaki no Himawari.
And someday there will be a Kamen Rider Post.

P.S. Still tricked until Halloween.
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15 October 2012 @ 02:45 pm
Because Tati tricked me:

Make a post on your LJ with 5 pictures of Kura and 5 pictures of Subaru. Their hairstyles must be different in all pictures!

Should I claim favorite hairstyles? XD
Here we go!


I love this 2008 haircut. Especially on Arigato, Okan. *__________*

But there's some permed hair too

This time is straight longa hair in a bun (of course I'm not cheating having Nishikido photobombing the post).

Of course the maniac Fight for the Eight hair

And the current haircut. <3 He's had variation along the year, from maniac to kiddie style, but I like it.


[An easy one XDD]
Chubby! Tacchon is the cutest! XD

Of course he can has bed hair.

Nice dark hair

Vampire! Hair

Also I'm finishing with a cute one, because the Diva!hair form the last single/tour is fugly. Makes me think of this comedic character (for your own sanity, just look at the preview pic without running the vid, lol)

So, Mission accomplished? XD
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15 October 2012 @ 11:11 am
I was waiting for somebody I know to post it, so here I go!!
And I know this is the Dead Zone anyway, so I hope I won't get tricked too much. :P

Stolen from moka_n_waffles


  1. Create a graphic (200 x 200 max size) to represent your personal "candy". It should have your username on it, but otherwise can feature whatever you want.
  2. Make it something special since it's self-representative. Make a post with the subject "trick or treat?". Put your "candy" somewhere in it, and be sure to repost these instructions.
  3. Then, go around other people's LJs and reply to them with either "trick" or "treat." If you reply with "trick," they will give you an LJ/DW/Twitter/tumblr dare that you have to perform before taking their candy. If you're too wimpy for that, simply say "treat" and take their candy.
  4. List all your collected candies in your original "trick or treat?" post to show off your collection.

My Candy:

My Treats:

My Tricks:
Trick #1: Make a post on your LJ with 5 pictures of Kura and 5 pictures of Subaru. Their hairstyles must be different in all pictures!

Currently tricking:
    (sorry, guys XD;;)

And hoping it won't be the end of me, even if you aren't on my flist, feel free to comment (except anons, 'cause they're disabled :P).
(Of course, if we share any fandom that isn't JE, feel free to comment anyway XD;;)
::crickets chirping::

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